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Sith PreservationA supplementary addition to the core story experience


Darth Malgus



Last Updated

March 19, 2019


GMT / /Most active time 18:00-22:00


PvP Roleplay Social/hanging out Datacron Hunting Dueling / Tournaments Open World PvP Dailies Heroics

Active Members

30+, 15 during prime time

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Operations Groups

Story Veteran

Guild description

Sith Preservation is an RP with casual PVP/PVE.

Our RP is centered on our guild's position within the Sphere of Sith Doctrine under the Dark Lord Anathel and charged with ensuring the survival of the Sith order at all costs.

Our RP entails both force user and non force user elements as the path to power of the Sith order relies on it's Empire, including integration within the criminal world.

Guild requirements

No requirements to join

How to join

Message one of our players online. You can find our players searching Sith Preservation in the who listings.


Conquest is not a major concern.
Flagship: Preservator9/15 Rooms unlocked