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Force-Tastic / Sithtastic ClanA Chill training guild....for the not so social crowd :)


Star Forge




Republic & Imperial

Last Updated

June 12, 2020


PST / /Most active time 1pm-10pm PST


Flashpoints Conquest Social/hanging out Levelling Crafting Datacron Hunting Dailies Heroics Achievements

Guild level

15 Republic / 16 Imperial

Guild description

When I started playing SWTOR I had a really hard time finding players willing to help me learn about the game. After a lot of frustration I created this guild. I wanted to create a space for new players to be where they felt "safe" asking questions and making mistakes as they learn about the game. This is not an endgame guild. We do not do OPS, PvP( except inter guild), or many master mode flash points. We will help you level, gather achievements, collect some datacrons, and help you with crafting and gear. Above all ....HAVE FUN....Play your way!

Guild requirements

Newbie players
Returning players
NO Drama
Have fun
Use of discord is a plus but not required!

How to join

Contact Hokro Daa in game(Imp) or Katleen-Lynn in game(Pub) for invite. Discord...contact Lin#3936 for invite
Look us up on FB Lin Guild GM


Guild achieves medium yield conquest every week!
Flagship: Force-Tastic Academy
A work in progress...as is our guild. Always on the lookout for decorators!
Flagship: Sithtastic Academy1/15 Rooms unlocked
A work in progress...as is our guild. Always on the lookout for decorators!