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Fightclub / SpartansSocial, Casual, Alt+, Beginner Friendly, Training, Levelling & Conquest Guild


Darth Malgus




Republic & Imperial

Last Updated

May 22, 2021




Flashpoints Conquest Social/hanging out Levelling Crafting Dailies Heroics

Active Members

20+, 5 during prime time

Guild level

230 Republic / 161 Imperial

Guild description

We're a guild with a very casual mindset: Play2Enjoy! Game4fun!
As where most other guilds offer all kinds of activities, we just do what we do best with a maximum boost: having fun and enjoying the game!

Each of our members have their own unique way of playing and draw their own personal game-plan, which we respect! The difference is that they just do all of that with 'our name and banner', whilst enjoying all the benefits we have to offer: perks, max. bonus (r)XP, GS(h), banks, guild event, large yield conquest, Both Empire and Republic guilds, Discord, etc! (just like all the other 'Big Guild Corporations')

Our members are a mix of new, old and returning players of different nationalities, have with a lot of knowledge and gaming experience.

We're not a huge guild with many members, and we don't have intentions of becoming one: we're with a few that have many alts (to play with, on both sides) and we're happy with that!

It does NOT mean that we don't or won't team up to do stuff! It just means that we don't follow a strict regime or a fixed schedule. We have no interest in an agenda filled with premades!
We prefer this way of casual play where 'group-finder is our mutual friend'

Still interested?
When all of the above applies to you, feel free to contact us for an invite to <Fightclub> and / or <Spartans>

Guild requirements

At <Spartans> and <Fightclub>, we have no special requirements, other then having fun while playing the game

How to join

In game: search term Fightclub, whisper any member online for an invite (rep side)
In game: search term Spartans, whisper any member online for an invite (imp side)
Via Discord, contact our leader: Adie#1396
Discord channel for tips, questions, links, posts, etc:
- https://discord.gg/hJehByf


Each week we participate in large yield conquest on rep side / medium yield on imp side
Flagship: Fightclub Cruiser15/15 Rooms unlocked
All facilities are available
Flagship: Hyberion Omega15/15 Rooms unlocked
All facilities are available