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Star Kitty Clan
We are laid back and go with the flow kind of guild.


Star Forge





Last Updated

November 16, 2023


EST / Most active time Saturdays 8PM - 12AM+, All other days pretty much if we are bored of other games and wanna play.


  • Flashpoints
  • Conquest
  • Social/hanging out
  • Leveling
  • Heroics

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Guild Description

We may not play much but that is because we play other games as well. Always looking for more people to join us in our relaxing, fun and enjoyable times when we do. One day is always a day we are on, but we will possibly be on other days if the mood hits us, and we don't have other plans. Couple of us do try and play more than just one day a week so if you ever need someone to play with just post a message in our discord and we will let you know. Join us if you enjoy laughs and random chats while you play. That's us.

Guild Requirements

No requirements really... Just know you will have to join our discord if you want a chat filled time during playthrough for we use discord voice chat when we play and don't really use in game chat much.

How to Join

Can send me a private message. Discord username is listed as well as our discord server link which you can join to also reach out. Another way (which is the least likely method) is to send me a message in game on one of the 3 characters I posted (whichever one I am on at the time of messaging).


We participate in small yields at the moment but will hopefully upgrade to medium in the future.