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Task Force Unicorn
“Unicorn is on the Move”


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April 5, 2022





Active Members

13+, 4 during prime time

Guild Description

A Republic Joint Strike Force of Army, Navy, Marine and Starfighter Corps personnel tasked with rapid assault and deep strikes wherever the enemy may appear. A fleet based unit, they are constantly on the move for security purposes. They’re based on the Unicorn Class R.A.S Unicorn acting as HQ of the Taskforce and home to Army Airborne, Fleet Marines, Starfighter Corps Squadrons and a Jedi Praxium.

We are actively recruiting new members for Our Army, Navy, Marines, and Starfighter Corps and would love to have ya. We are LGBTQI+ Friendly, with a Guild Flagship, and Discord Server. DM for more info

Guild Requirements

1.) Be an Active RPer or new to RP, we’re willing to help new players.

2.) Be 18+. This is for the forthcoming storylines dealing with the Third Galactic War, including war violence, language.

How to Join

DM Marshal001#1069 on Discord to interview.

Flagship: R.A.S Unicorn

A modified Valor Class starship for extended duration deployments with mining and starfighter foundries, hydroponic bays and full science facilities.