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The ArdasamirjiBound by more than blood. Together standing as the spark that ignites conquest.


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August 9, 2020


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Guild description

From aspirations of conquest and expansion, the Ardasamirji were founded upon the basis of loyalty and a common goal that holds the potential to branch off and feed individual desire. Their penchant to ascend, both individually and collectively, is characterized by the mark they possess. A mark that ties them together in an indescribably mystic bond that rewards those honor bound individuals with a unmistakably newfound sense of pride and vigor. With the additional aid of their rightfully honored allies and associates, said goal now lies in extending their grasp on the Deep Core, under the leadership of the titled Conqueress and her enforcing triumvirate. The Ardasamirji invites those with a desire to ascend beyond their capabilities, and offers them the chance to do so through their aspiring ventures.

We are a small, Empire-aligned, heavy RP guild with members that collectively have the ability to participate in the guild's overarching stories of conquest and expansion (through the events and arcs we host), while being encouraged to forward their character's individual story through it. Our environment is one that welcomes characters and players with differentiating backgrounds and styles, who want to share it with the community. No matter the character's orientation, it can be entirely unique and/or never-before-seen, and we will do our best to find a fit for it in the guild.

Currently we have open leadership positions regarding the the Military, Crimson Rogues, Convocation of the Mind, and The Aegis, all divisions that make up the ARDMJ as you can go to the server to learn more about said divisions and the others we offer for members.

The Ardasamirji Discord Server functions as our “website” of sorts as it provides visitors with the ability to learn about us in detail, while guild members are provided with an exclusive out-of-game hub. Whether you join the server wanting to be a part of the guild and learn more in detail about what we have to offer, or just to say hi and hang out with us, we’d be happy to get to know you and/or for you to get to know us there!

Guild requirements

For us the ideal member is engaged and fairly passionate in what we have to offer them. In addition to making a positive impact on the guild, they also strive to do so with the greater SWTOR RP community as a whole. The level of writing said member is at doesn’t matter more than the fact that this individual looks to improve their writing and RPing skills through the guild. When it comes to characters it is kind of a no-brainer that we’re not looking for Republic aligned characters, but at the same time we are not an entirely Sith focused guild, despite being Empire-aligned (the current majority of our members play Sith characters atm). We encourage the playing of main characters and alts alike in our desire to have the guild consist of a diverse set of characters. Creative and unique character concepts are always refreshing to see, and we do our best cultivate it as well as IC stories members may want to tell through group RPs or events.

How to join

If you’re interested in joining the guild you can make it known by joining and mentioning it in our discord server, whispering Nyríss in-game, or DMing any of the guild's officers via Discord. Once you express interest we will be looking to touch base with you either in-character or out-of-character to ask questions regarding the reason you’d like to join and to get to know more about the character you’d like to bring in. The best way to get the quickest response from the GM or the guild's officers would be through filling out our optional application (found under Website Link). Once you have joined the guild in-game, you are officially part of the Ardasamirji!