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Raiders Of The Lost SparkSocial/Casual PVE/HM OPS/Medium to Large Conquest - May the Schwartz be with you!


Darth Malgus





Last Updated

June 8, 2021


CET,GMT+2 / /Most active time 7PM - 10PM CET (GMT+1)


Operations Flashpoints Conquest Social/hanging out Leveling Galactic Starfighter Achievements

Active Members

50++, 5-10 during prime time

Guild level


Operations Groups

Story Veteran Master

Guild description

The guild was formed in April 2018 and has been growing slowly ever since.

The guild does mostly a PvE content in all shapes and forms, but many people also play PvP daily. We do encourage people to participate group content with guild members, for example groupfinder Operations, Flashpoints e.g. While we are pretty laid back in this guild we still do Planetary Conquest too on medium yield. Our Flagship is fully decorated and was named The Dankest Dungeon. We selected our guild homebase to be on Rishi, so you will find our Stronghold there. Over there we have arranged few fun and laid back PvP tournaments between guildies.

The guild itself may not be that old, but those who play in it have been around for many years. They have experience in most areas in the game and have known each other for a long time too. We'd be happy to welcome any new or "veteran" players with us if you feel this guild would suit you well. Guilds name does have a meaning behind it and we believe it suits us well on this current time.

We have casual players for random daily stuff, but also do like to challenge ourselves with harder content, like Operations (HM and sometimes NiM too). Guild currently doesn't have an active progression team (we did), but we try to do some chill HM OPS during the weekends.

*Note: due to Covid situation, guild activities are slowed down a bit and people are having breaks from the game. We intend to be more active again soon.

Guild requirements

Just looking for like-minded active players, new players, old timers and returning players. We wish to uphold a non-toxic atmosphere - in our in game chat and on Discord. We aim to encourage players for group activities, but that is totally not a must. Your time in game is your time and we respect it!

How to join

How to join Raiders Of The Lost Spark guild? In game you can type /who and see who is online and ask for an invitation, note that not all members are able invite. On Discord you can also contact Magni#0124 and Yaralir#7048.


Our guild participates in weekly conquest on a medium or large yield.
Flagship: The Dankest Dungeon15/15 Rooms unlocked