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The Empire ConsortiumJoin us today, we serve dark side cookies every morning.


Satele Shan





Last Updated

September 13, 2021




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Active Members

70+, 10 during prime time

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Guild description

The Empire Consortium is a guild that focus on RP/casual and participates in PVE/PVP/Conquest/Operation and we play The Red Reaper master mode like it's our backyard.

We have Rishi as our guild stronghold, as well as Rishi pazaak game that can earn you easy credits, plus The Consortium discount for every member in the guild who feels like GTN item price is too expensive and a guild bank that contains necessary items for your journey to fight the Republic scum >:(

Lately, we start to run operations every week. With that said we looking for active players with lvl75 to fill roles in the operation. If you play Tank and Heal and want to join us, whisper me >:)

And yes we do have dark side cookies for everyone. Join us today and become part of The Empire Consortium!!

Guild requirements

Well, there are no requirements to join :) and since we have many people from various countries but mainly the USA and Thailand, just be polite with each other and we will get along just fine.

Also, there is no toons restriction! store many of them as you want.

How to join

Whisper: Kai'rn, Vol'mir, Fai'ron or Nokhem in game, join discord link or contact Champpuu#0054 in discord :)


We do Large yield weekly because we always hit more than 5mil conquest points, also who can make it to the top 10 will receive rewards for their hard work by the end of conquest.
Flagship: We do not have guild on Republic side0/15 Rooms unlocked
We focus on Imperial only. We hate Republic scum >:(
Flagship: Consortium's Might7/15 Rooms unlocked
Currently we unlock all of the ship perk but we still collect encryptions/frameworks that are required to unlock all rooms on Flagship. We hunt battlemasters/Conquest commanders daily basis almost everyday!