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The Eternal Order / The Eternal OrdérWe are an active Social guild that does progression PVE/PVP and RP and EVERYTHING SWTOR!


Satele Shan




Republic & Imperial

Last Updated

April 18, 2022


PST / /Most active time 4PM-11PM PST


Operations PvP Ranked PvP Flashpoints Conquest Roleplay Social/hanging out Leveling Crafting Datacron Hunting World Bosses Dueling / Tournaments Galactic Starfighter Open World PvP Dailies Heroics Achievements

Active Members

1000+, 140 during prime time

Guild level

500 Republic / 500 Imperial

Operations Groups

Story Veteran Master

Guild calendar

Guild calendar

Guild rules

Guild rules

Guild description

Want to join a Top Social RP/PvP/PvE guild? The Eternal Order has Flagship, Yavin/Rishi HQ and we do EVERYTHING!

Guild requirements

1. Would you enjoy attending or participating in guild events such as races, tournaments, social/RP events, datacron races, meetings, contests, lotteries, World boss hunts, PVP, OPS and so forth?
2. We are looking for loyal long-term members. If you agree with our values, would you be willing to make this your primary guild for the foreseeable future, and eventually move your alts into it?
3-We pride ourselves on our respectful environment. Are you capable of remaining polite in chat, refraining from profanity, and showing respect to those in authority? Would you help people if need be?

How to join

You may contact any online member to be recruited properly or post in our Discord, to arrange recruitment and invite.


Our main Guilds win both High and Medium Yield invasions weekly and we rotate these invasions as per the High Leadership's discretion. Our Secondary guilds invades Medium Yield Planets for title too. We also have Tertiary guilds that invade Small Yield Planets.
Flagship: Eternal Guardian15/15 Rooms unlocked
Fully unlocked and magnificently decorated. Come find out :)
Flagship: Eternal Conqueror15/15 Rooms unlocked
Fully unlocked and magnificently decorated. Come find out :)