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December 6, 2019


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20++, 15-20+ during prime time

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Guild description

Wish to tour the galaxy, defend the great Galactic Republic, and even maybe make a few bucks on the side while you're at it? The Fighting Fifth Fleet is the premier Republic Navy guild with positions for just about everybody.

Want to command a state of the art Republic warship of your choice in combat against the Sith Empire? Pick and choose your own vessel as a Naval Captain! Are you more of a boots-on-the-ground type of warrior, looking to get into the nitty-gritty of the Third Galactic War? Join the Fifth Marine Expeditionary Force and change the tide of planetary battles as well as boarding actions with your expertise. Looking to make some quick credits as a contractor with your blaster and personal starship? The Fifth offers hazard pay and benefits for all privateers looking to serve the Republic's interests during these trying times!

The Fighting Fifth Fleet utilizes a simplified but easy-to-master roll system for all events, allowing you to customize yourself and your roll bonuses with unique classes, weapons, and utilities such as grenades and other support weaponry. Additionally, the Fleet frequently engages in bloody ship-to-ship battles, allowing Republic captains to push their starships to the limit using our new-and-improved naval and starfighter roll system.

With at least two or more events every week, and an ever-growing playerbase of quality roleplayers almost always online looking to interact before and after major events, the Fighting Fifth Fleet offers a home for even the most dedicated of Republic patriots and the shadiest of the underworld! Interested? Take a look at our quick application process and submit one to get introduced to the guild! With your help, the evil Sith Empire will crumble before the might of freedom and justice. For the Republic!

Guild requirements

1. Maturity
2. A basic understanding of the lore of Star Wars and the time period in general
3. An understanding that actions have consequences
4. A willingness to understand the simple but in-depth roll system
5. An understanding that the guild is based in-game, and Discord roleplay is generally not encouraged]
6. A willingness to cooperate with others

How to join

Simply head to the linked website, click on the applications section, and write out the application! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out on Discord or Enjin to any of the officers to figure things out. Chances are, somebody's usually online.
Flagship: RAS Defiant15/15 Rooms unlocked
Commissioned and built towards the tail end of the Mandalorian Wars by Rendili Hyperworks, the R.A.S. Defiant was the sixth and final Inexpugnable-class Command Ship ever built. With the development of the newer Centurion-class Battlecruiser, as well as various problems cropping up in the Inexpugnable-class spaceframe, the Defiant was a last ditch effort by Rendili Hyperworks to refine the design and hold on to it's command ship contract with the Republic Navy. While the Defiant's refinements were not enough to save Rendili's contract, and the Inexpugnable-class was discounted shortly afterward, Defiant was still pressed into mainline Republic Navy service near the end of the Mandalorian Wars.