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The Ice Runners"Profit above pain, family above all."


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January 10, 2020


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130+, 20 during prime time

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Guild calendar

Guild description

The Ice Runners are a nefarious swoop gang, more eloquently referred to as an engineering enthusiast and swoop racing club. This merry band of misfits runs a tight ship with five divisions over two Chapters; Pleasant Hills and Hellion’s Acropolis, on Tatooine and Rishi. Flaunting their patches upon their coats and cuts, they carry their brotherhood with pride despite the rumors surrounding their illicit activities.

A wide-spanning network provides the Ice Runners with more than sufficient opportunity for maintenance and repair work of various vehicles, (illicit) business opportunities for the production and sales of their wares, and offer their mercenary services. We accept Credits, trades of services, IOUs and payment in kind.

The Ice Runners is a swoopgang organized within Discord of every type of shady figure needed to be prosperous: artisans (engineers, chemists, armortechs, and other craftsmen), mercenaries, pilots, medical staff, slicers, support staff, and business affiliates - organized in several divisions: Unholy Ones (spice/arms dealers), Nomads (intel/logistics), Enforcers (mercenaries), Sawbones (medics and related), and Artisans.

- 2-3 RP events/week.
- Dedicated channels and forums filled with tools to get your RP fix.
- Lots of space to showcase your characters/stories!
- Established character/vehicle sheet system.
- Bimonthly meetings.
- Lots of social RP happening between events.
- Always at least one running Guild story arc.

Guild requirements

Simply a good fitting character, see the website!

How to join

1) Simply go and RP with us! If it seems like you're having a good time, and the character is a good with us misfits, then you can be referenced by another member to join. In that case, you can simply contact any of the Admins to see if they're alright to give you an invite.

2) Or, a bit of a more quick and easy method, head on over to our website (https://icerunners.enjin.com/) and fill in an application form. More information about our guild can be found there, so you can see for yourself whether your character would be a good fit.


We participate in weekly conquests with small yield, as we are foremost a roleplay guild.