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Irontooth PactA Mandalorian coalition formed to rebuild and defend territory in the aftermath of Zakuul.


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April 6, 2020


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Guild description

As a new age dawns upon the galaxy, new alliances and coalitions are formed to assist in preserving economies, rebuilding infrastructures, and fortifying territories. One such group is the <Irontooth Pact>.

The Irontooth Pact was established after the Eternal Empire's fall for the purpose of helping stabilize and defend Mandalorian holdings from future threats, both foreign and domestic. The Pact consists of allied Mandalorian aliite, corporations, and organizations united under one banner to strengthen ties through commerce and military support.

As the Pact is relatively new on the galactic scene, it seeks new members and allies to unite under their sigil. In-Character recruitment is handled on an invite-only basis.

Guild requirements

We prefer that all recruits are at or over the age of 18 and are knowledgeable of Mandalorian and SWTOR lore. We do ask that you have a dossier of your character(s) ready to present, should we require it. Additionally, Discord is a MUST. It's the best and easiest way for officers to communicate with other members, vice versa.

How to join

Shoot me a DM and and I'll get you sorted out.
Flagship: Hammer of Kad1/15 Rooms unlocked
The Hammer of Kad, an Akaan Galaar used as the flagship for the Irontooth Pact's naval defenses.