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The Korinth Dominion“Tasked By Nemesis. A Tally For Mars. For The Imperator!


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January 8, 2022




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Doom Space Romans

The Korinth Dominion.

A Warrior People. Considered some of the best fighters in the Galaxy due to their brutality, determination, unmatched strength, and unbreakable will. Specializing in close combat. They are led by The Imperator, Malum Radac, fighting as shock troopers for The Galactic Republic in the never-ending 3rd Galactic War. But violence has always been their nature. Conflict is their norm. Where others suffer, they thrive. With a people near a trillion strong. Many walks of life wield their weapons and don their armor.

Will you join the struggle against The Sith Empire? Will you spill blood in the name of whats right? Are you a Korinth Born Warrior? Or one of the many allies on a rapidly growing list?

That is for you to decide.

OOC Info:

This is a sister guild to a community of swtor RP guilds! We have Republic and Imperial RP available. Along with tons of fanon content. If you're a stickler for lore? You may want to sit this one out.

Korinth is a world and people inspired by many things. Ancient Rome, Argent D'nur of DOOM, and much more.

As I'm recruiting from outside the Swtor community. I've set this server up as something of a home away from home. As well as a buffer to separate the real writers from people just here to bully and troll.

But lets remain optimistic. We have all kinds of positions available. From Branch and Force leaders to Squad grunts just trying to get by. Come on in and see where you fit! We have something for everyone.

What we have to offer!

-Regular RP events
-Creative freedom with characters
-A kind and accommodating community
-Leadership positions!
-Staff and GM openings
-Two well made PvE and PvP combat roll systems.

Guild requirements

Just Common sense. Don’t be a jerk.