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May 11, 2020


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60++, 30-50 during prime time

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Guild description

We are the equivalent of the Sith Empire along with the council and all that comes with it. Imperial Military, Intelligence, Inquisition, Sith Academy, Praetorian Legion, Imperial Reclamations, Honor Guard, and more are all active factions within our guild.

We abide by lore 99% of the time, however, seeing as we are -THE- Empire in our own story, we are a bit of a departure. We have had 4 Emperors since the final fall of Vitiate, and we exist at 153 ATC (3500 BBY) in terms of lore and the time line.

Guild requirements

Our only requirements are that you join our Discord server for the weekly schedule of about 40+ events, and that all characters start at the bottom in terms of rank/status.

We are an RP guild first and foremost, that is the purpose for the guild and why people are here. Every character to join must start at the bottom and earn abilities, ranks, and anything apart from their own personal backstory. A Force User will need to complete Sith Academy, while a non-force user will need to join the guild and progress initially through Military and/or Intelligence. From there, there are several other factions open to all players.

How to join

Simply reach out to one of our contacts on Discord or in game! The interview process is your time spent in one of the previously mentioned academies/factions. We can get you set up in game and you can start showing up to events!


Our guild participates in weekly medium yield invasions and occasionally large yield.
Flagship: The Desolator15/15 Rooms unlocked
Our flagship is the central command of operations across our Empire. It is fully outfitted by the painstaking efforts of many hands. Each and every room and deck is outfitted with purpose.