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The Nightfall DominionA heavy RP Imperial/Sith organization seeking to subjugate the distant Ferra Sector.


Darth Malgus





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March 22, 2022





Active Members

10+, 5 during prime time

Guild description

The Nightfall Dominion is a slowly growing colonial extension of the Sith Empire, led by Darth Venor and based in the Ferra Sector. From their homeworld of Anath, in the Sast system, Dominion armies, ambassadors, spies, and inquisitors sally out into the void in order to secure a foothold in the region, often encountering dogged enemies, mystical rivals, dangerous autarcies and strange alien species. We mostly do a Discord-heavy (but not exclusive) roleplay focusing on detailed story arcs or campaigns at any given time. Don't hesitate to hit us up or look up our website!

Guild requirements

Must be 18+, motivated, able to attend at least once or twice a month (we do several weekly events, lessons, battles and so on, which is only possible with an active core of players). Preferably experienced in RP, or ready to put in the reading and writing needed to quickly get up to speed.

How to join

Head to our Enjin page, read our (detailed rules) and submit your application! You will then be contacted for an IC interview.