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The Open PathThe Open Path is made from shared ethos and goals, a humanitarian aid force of volunteers.


Darth Malgus



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June 8, 2019


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25+, 5-15 during prime time

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Guild rules

Guild description

The Open Path is a roleplaying guild on the Darth Malgus server - a group with a compassionate, spiritual theme, but one that moves away from the classic Jedi Temple. Rather than being rooted in an organisation, or a location, or on board a ship, the Open Path is a group made from shared ethos and goals - a volunteer force, focussed on self-improvement and travel! We hope to present a feel closer to the stories of the Rebel Alliance. and the New Jedi Order of Legends continuity. Jedi with life experiences in the world - working alongside characters who aren't Jedi, but want to do good in the galaxy.

We're looking for characters - Jedi, Republic citizens, and more - who want a free-form roleplaying experience, but would also like for others to share it with them. Moving away from roleplaying in strongholds or as part of guild-focussed events, members of the Open Path travel together or alone, getting involved with others on the server, and roleplaying as part of the larger shared world. The Jedi may have the power of the Force, but other characters have valuable skills the Open Path needs - technical, medical, tactical, spaceborne, military and more - that the Jedi can't match.

In-game, the 'Open Path project' itself represents a small alliance of senatorial and independent philanthropic interests, worker volunteer programs and other charitable groups, brought together by the work of a handful of keen co-ordinators. It's a start, but there's a lot of work that needs doing to build this beginning into a group to be reckoned with.

We have a focus on RP in the 'open world', avoiding strongholds. Though we have a guild ship, decorated and in-character, it's purposely kept small, at only the starting rooms. It's there for convenience, and is rarely used as a RP location!

Guild requirements

Be the right kind of character! Whether a wandering Jedi looking for a home, a weary soldier looking to retire, a troubled smuggler looking for a fresh start; all are welcome. As long as you're a roleplayer over 16 years of age - preferably over 18 - we'll give your application a look!

How to join

All you need is here, at https://theopenpath.enjin.com/recruitment - however, you'll need to read through the Code of Conduct, and be sure your character is the kind of character that would volunteer to help others without much expectation of a great reward.


Our guild participates on weekly conquests on small conquest planets.
Flagship: The Pathfinder1/15 Rooms unlocked
Our Republic flagship is a cargo ship, refitted into a hospital ship!