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The Order of SevenThe Jedi must evolve or fade into legend


Satele Shan





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July 24, 2022


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9+, 5 during prime time

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Guild description

When planning out The Order of Seven, we wanted to have a guild that made members feel like they were really members of the Jedi Order. We wanted to build a guild to live out your Star Wars fantasy. Part of this was creating a rich, plausible backstory of how our sect came about and how we fit in the Jedi Order, Republic, and Galaxy. We are new but have big plans in the works, be sure to check out our website as it has a lot more details.

Guild requirements

- Jedi Knight or Consular
- Be ok with role playing as your character
- Be laid back, friendly, and fun

How to join

Fill out the form on the Recruiting Page of our website.
Flagship: The Aerius1/15 Rooms unlocked
A work in progress but promised to be the pride of the Republic Fleet!