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The Paragons Covenant
"The Empire's Finest, and Most Reliable."


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February 27, 2024


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60~ +, 15-20+ or more during prime time

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Guild Rules

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The Paragons Covenant is the result of an operation and concept created by a small cadre of Sith and Military officials in the Empire to create a lasting bastion within the Imperial ranks that would be able to reliably keep order and forge unity between its members in order to influence the Empire in a more efficient direction. Though the operation was originally a botched attempt on several fronts, it was picked up a final time by Darth Tarasirs and got a significant amount of traction, leading to many different individuals to gather in order to sign up for the operation, whose other primary purpose was to act as a responder force to combat threats against the Empire and its sovereignty, wether internal or external, while providing the Empire diplomatic advantages through negotiation with its' allies.

Since, the Covenant has grown in many different circles, incorporating the allies like the elements of the Chiss Ascendancy and Mandalorian Clans into its ranks, aswell as a growing troop of Freelancers, a strong Sith presence and a vast amount of Military assets. Their surge of influence has propelled them to a position to further their goals, and will stop at nothing to protect the Empire from its enemies. They operate from within Imperial space, with pockets of territory strewn about in areas stretching from the Imperial Capital to the Far Outer Rim and Wild Space, primarily operating from their mobile headquarters, the Sovereign's Convergence, a Harrower-Class Dreadnaught. By having a respected standing with imperial allies, and remaining in the good graces of the Empire most of them derive from, they are in a highly coveted position to influence galactic events, if they so wish it.


We here at <The Paragons Covenant> are a relaxed and easy-going RP group of guildies that wishes to find a healthy balance between interactions among individual characters and the overarching narrative of the guild story. With the guild being a bit open-ended in its potential goals and allegiances, (though primarily Imperial, first and foremost) we are able to include and consider a wide variety of different characters and thus a wide variety of different stories to the guild.

Characters with higher titles are welcomed, wether a more experienced mercenary with decades of time in the business or a Sith who has developed their name and reputation far enough to be considered a Lord in their own right, or Imperial Officers of high standing, all such characters would be welcomed provided that their players can portray their characters role well and is a good fit! We strive to offer a fair bit of everything within the guild and a varied cast of characters is important for us to provide the accurate scale that the Empire would operate on, with their influence felt across many other factions, a powerbase to be reckoned with!

Our primary recruitment goal at the moment is to acquire more non-force using characters for our branches, especially the imperial ones! Though we would naturally not cut recruitment of others despite this goal Basically, we are looking for good people that want a guild that wishes to provide a safe and friendly environment for its members. If you contribute to RP where you are able and make the effort to get to know people in the guild, you are off to a good start. If you further prove that you are a compatible player that doesn't cause unnecessary drama and can be trusted to maintain a respectful behavior then you are exactly what we are looking for.

Guild Requirements

We're chill and have very simple expectations, you may even call them common sense for a guild of our sort! Be a good and decent person towards your fellow guildmembers and others outside of our community, and do your best to provide decent RP when you interact as your character, so we know that you're interested and committed towards what the guild has to offer :)

How to Join

Folks wanting to join may sign in either via an ingame interview or a website application! During the website process one of the officers will be speaking to you as needed, so keep an eye on your app in case you get comments on it. We encourage your character to be part of more than once branch, or for you to have alts so you get the best and most varied experience possible ^^ (Being part of intelligence as an agent but masquerading as standard military, a Sith dedicating their knowledge to understanding dark side healing and ends up in the science branch but still contributes to the academy, for instance, or having separate characters for each branch you're interested in, for instance.)

If your application is approved, one of the officers or the guildmaster will meet up with you as soon as possible to have an IC interview in order to introduce your character into the guild through RP for a seamless transition. However, if your character for IC reasons happen to not be a good fit due to reasons such as ICly threatening or insulting someone who would likely be their superior, then there is still a chance that your character may not be able to join the guild. This applies especially if you are being interviewed inside the game without having done the application on our website.

The exact scenario that you want to play out to get your character joined can be discussed and decided upon between you and the officer(s) that you talk to. It does not have to be a generic meeting if you do not want it to be, but something more involved( A mission, perhaps?). When your IC interview is done and approved, you will officially recieve the invitation to join the guild. The process for the ingame interview is very similar to the website application, the same process but in an ingame setting talking directly with an officer or the guild leader rather than listing details down on the website!


Our guild always participates in Large Yield Conquest objectives and can with safety achieve the goal each week :) When RP is not going on there'd be plenty opportunity to contribute to the score either with guildies or on your own as you prefer ^^ And of course, to get your rewards at the end of each conquest cycle!

Flagship: The Sovereign's Convergence

15/15 Rooms unlocked
----<IC>---- Initially a standard Harrower-Class Dreadnaught, the Sovereign's Convergence has been refurbished to function both as a worthy consular ship to represent the Empire's might to foreign powers, but also as a powerful warship like others of its' class. Originally provided to Darth Tarasirs via a requisition from the Taeraab Starship Manufacturing company, the vessel has since been outfitted with many internal and external modifications through Covenant assets and sources within the Empire's Spheres of Technology and Military Offense. When not in the thick of naval warfare, acting as a primary command ship to coordinate the rest of the Covenant's fleet assets, it acts as their mobile headquarters and a gathering-ground for the Darth's closest followers, allies and forces. ----<OOC>---- The Flagship is by far our most active RP location and has proven a popular spot and alternative to Fleet RP or other public locations, with frequent activity in our crew deck bar, command deck training arena and the bridge, where the crew and other covenant personnel may speak with Covenant command when they are available, aswell as gather up for most of the mission briefings stemming from the ship! It also serves as our primary spot for community-wide events for impside to enjoy :)