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The Sith EternalWith our Passion and Strength in the Dark Side, our enemies shall kneel before us!


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March 12, 2020


CST / /Most active time 4PM - 2AM CST


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Active Members

12+, 20 during prime time

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Story Veteran Master

Guild description

The Sith can never truly die. We are the pivotal example of that statement as we have lived on within the Galaxy for millennia. Our tradition is what never truly dies....as does our Emperor. With the control of the Eternal Throne, we seek to gain control of every System within the Galaxy that would dare oppose our Empire in our eternal conquest for glory. To learn the true nature of the Force, you must embrace your passion for greater power through defeating all those that stand in your way. Overcoming the obstacles that hold you back is what makes you the more powerful being, but you must be weary of the everlasting amount of challenges that will stand before you.

With our Passion and Strength in the Dark Side, our enemies shall kneel before us!

Guild requirements

- You need to be at least 17+ years of age
- You need to speak English
- We need users to be active. You have to be online at least twice a week
- You must accept the rules listed for you within the Discord when you join
- Do not ask for ranks among the Roleplay Structure. When you have done your part in contributing to the Guild, a ranking member will discuss with you on what you wish to achieve within the Guild.
- This is a friendly community, not a Military Simulation. Restrictions are not severe, and we are a little laid back. Join to enjoy yourself, having fun, and having fun with others that join alongside you.

How to join

When you join our discord, DM or ping Viikorvon, Kedrias or Iodala for an invite ingame


Our Guild participates in pretty much any Conquest we can get our hands on. Currently, we only do Small Yielding Conquests, but the more active users we get in our Guild, the larger the Conquests we shall participate in.
Flagship: The Abhorred
Our Flagship is the prized possession of the Emperor, used by his Hand and Wrath in conquering the Galaxy, one System at a time.