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November 9, 2019


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Guild description

Cutthroat Mercenaries, Pirates, Fallen Jedi, and Outcast Sith. The Unburden are a motley crew of the Galaxies scum and villainy with one simple objective, Personal Gain. with one simple rule: Loyalty or Death.

The small organization is fronted by a faux business: Club Rakazzak, located near a small market place on Rishi.

Overseen by the 'Burdened Council', burdened with the task of keeping the motley crew of outlaws loyal to each-other and the paying clients, as long as they remain paying clients. They maintain loyalty through ruthless consequences.

Firm believers in might is right in a dog eat dog Galaxy, the morality of a job is not questioned, only the reward. No job is outside of the scope of their doing provided the reward exceeds the risk and Loyalty remains intact.

Listen to the Burdened:
The guild Officers are Burdened with being both IC and OOC leaders. As such your RP and IC actions have IC consequences.
OOC or IRL actions as a member of the guild also have OOC consequences. If your told OOC by an officer of the guild you doing something wrong, then we are being very serious and that something your doing needs to stop immediately. Thankfully we are not Burdened IRL by the requirement to be tolerant of people who are ruining the fun for others.
RP is Requested but not mandatory at all times:
Members are encouraged to participate in roleplay and guild events when able to do so.

Metagaming and Godmodding are not allowed and will be monitored by guild Officers and corrected as required.

Be Kind and Respectful:
Do not be an OOC asshole, bigot, drama queen or selfish prick. Simple as that really. OOC Harassment, bigotry and drama within or without the guild will not be tolerated, there are no warnings.

Adult RP Themes: (Strictly 18+ Adult Guild)
We require all members to be at least 18 years of age due to adult themes in our RP. Themes are consistent with the underworld and criminal style RP of sex, and violence, some of which is descriptive and graphic in nature.
That said, we do require all adult RP of a descriptive nature to be:

- Fully consented OOC by all participating members/players
- Consenting players must be 18+ years old
- Graphic sexual content

Guild requirements

18+ years old and willingness to participate in morally questionable rp.

How to join

message in-game or on discord.