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Vivacious AttitudesWhen your attitude is this VIVACIOUS you need a guild that can back you up!


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Last Updated

April 29, 2021


MST,CST / /Most active time 1PM - 11PM CST


Operations Flashpoints Conquest Leveling Dailies Heroics

Active Members

689+, 20 during prime time

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Guild description

We are a one year old guild on SWTOR that is laid back and understands that real life comes first. We are committed to enjoying the game with our community and hope that you will want to join that fun.

We'll be starting group content from the beginning when our groups are ready so that everyone has a chance to get to know everyone else, We welcome you to make any and all mistakes. We will make them with you! In other words we are just as new to this as you are.

Guild requirements

Everyone is welcome to join. You're also very welcome to join us in discord, to chat with us and get into group activities.
All members have access to repair funds, and the guild bank on day one. Having alts is no problem either.

How to join

The best way to join Vivacious Attitudes is to join our discord.

You can also search for Hadzuskå in the /who ingame search option to locate our guild. Just make sure to select guild on the little slider to find our members. We all can invite.


Our guild normally participates in Large Yield Conquest with small breaks into medium or small as the situation dictates.
Flagship: The Mighty Voice5/15 Rooms unlocked
Our Guild Flagship is a place our members can come do crafting, admire the Decorations, or just come hang out.