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July 5, 2020


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Guild description

Wasted Potential is a newer guild that was created by a group of friends interested in raiding. We are a drama free group looking to expand to be able to run content more consistently. We don't have special rules and understand that real life comes first.

Our focus is endgame PvE content and raiding. Currently, we have one raid team that runs Wed/Thurs nights (10-midnight eastern). We are recruiting for a second team with all roles available. Days and times of this group are TBD. We put together ops frequently at random times as well so check in discord if you are interested in that. If you are interested in raiding, let us know in discord so we can set your rank as raider and get access to the raiding channels in discord. If you are interested in progression raiding, talk to Ripleey, Twig or Arkunos and we can get you more information on that.

We don’t complete any PvP events as a guild, but you are more than welcome to ask in chat and group up for that whenever. If interest arises for more guild PvP stuff, we will look into it, but as of now, that is not our focus.

We don’t do it.

Guild requirements

There are no real requirements to join. We are looking for raiders, but anyone who is lower leveled and thinks they may be interested in raiding later on is more than welcome to join. We are willing to help any player interested in learning. There is a vetting process for people interested in joining raid teams. Discord and StarParse are STRONGLY encouraged.

**You do not need to be in the guild to be on raid teams.**

How to join

Join our discord server and message Ripleey, Twig, or Arkunos. We will try to hop in-game and get you an invite as soon as we are available.


We are consistently getting large yield planets, though we are not topping the board.