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Win or Lose we BoozeA group of online boozer gamers who grind games like a stripper with a $50 on stage


Satele Shan





Last Updated

March 18, 2022


PST / /Most active time 4pm-3am EST


Operations PvP Ranked PvP Flashpoints Conquest Social/hanging out Leveling Crafting World Bosses Dueling / Tournaments Galactic Starfighter Open World PvP Dailies Heroics Achievements

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100+, 30 during prime time

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Story Veteran

Guild description

Welcome to Win or Lose We Booze!
Our Motto is DRINK. And have Fun!

Always looking for like minded adults who wanna hang out, and enjoy a drink on Guilded or Discord. If that sounds like your kind of Guild come see us!
We take all levels! We troll, have foul mouths but DAMN we can grind SWTOR and you're invited. Come learn with the Clan that actually helps.

no level requirements, no tryouts, chill atmosphere
we are in a guild union with the following guilds
-Sand People Liberation Front
-Thots In Space
-The Underground Jedi Movement
-The Sith Freedom Movement

Guild requirements

[X] Be 18+
[X] Tolerate Swearing
[X] Tolerate Adult Talk
[X] Tolerate alcohol
[X] Tolerate drunken people
[X] Not easily offended

How to join

apply here


Our guild participates weekly in large yield conquests, we are not try hards we just need to get our 5 mil
Flagship: The Space Bar8/15 Rooms unlocked
Bar themed, and trooper themed. We have anything you will need. scrap peddlers, cargo bays, a republic medical droid, mail box, gtn, apprarence designer, and an item mod station.