How to Join the SWTOR Fan Community

The SWTOR Fan community is made up of fans of Star Wars: The Old Republic. There are lots of ways to join!

Meet Other Players

Are you ready to group up? Meet other plays online, ask questions or discuss the game in these friendly online communities.

Want to share your SWTOR content with others?

The SWTOR Fan Community is also supported by many community content creators including podcasters, video makers, streamers, bloggers, writers, and fansite owners. At the moment, being featured on this website is by invitation only. There are however some great places online to share your fanmade content!

Places to Share Fan Content

  • Reddit – Reddit is a fantastic place to share community content especially podcasts and guides. Make sure to read the rules about self promotion or screenshots before posting.
  • Twitter – Anything goes! Share screenshots, gifs, artwork, videos or whatever else you’ve made by using the hashtag #SWTORfamily
  • Discord – Make something cool or take a great screenshot? Share it on Discord in the #content-share channel
  • Facebook – A great place to share screenshots