Revan and Bastilla – Landyard


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A landyard that has a little rubber charm of the Old Republic symbol and a plastic sleeve to put an ID card.

Happy SWTOR 11th Anniversary! We are celebrating the game’s history – these two characters, Revan and Bastilla, are from the game’s predecessor, Knights of the Old Republic.

These wonderful giveaway prizes were gifted by Albert from Cantina Cast! Now celebrating 10 years on the air, the Cantina Cast is your source for thought-provoking Star Wars talk! Join Albert and Jonesy each week as they breakdown the latest Star Wars news, movies, tv shows, and print and specialize in theory and speculation. “We absolutely love Star Wars and provide honest opinions with praise where it’s deserved, and constructive criticism when it’s warranted that always stays positive! We believe Star Wars is for EVERYONE and have built an incredible following over the years by being genuine, respectful, and more importantly listening to you, the Star Wars fan in return.” Say thank you on Twitter, or Facebook!

This item is part of a giveaway, you are only paying for shipping. All sales are just going to to the PO Box and shipping and packing costs, any accidental extras will be donated to the AbleGamers charity. Please only purchase one of each item type per house as we don’t have very many, thank you. First come first served. These items originally came from a box of FunkoPops – we only have the keychains, landyards and patches, not the Funkos!

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