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The State Of The Old Republic (SOTOR) is a podcast dedicated to bringing you the latest news, events, and information on Star Wars: The Old Republic.

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  • Episode 104: The Summer of SWTOR 2020 June 2, 2020
    Game Update 6.1.1 released in April, it’s now June, which means it’s Summer in many parts of the world, but what about the Old Republic? I’ll tell you what’s in store for the Summer of SWTOR 2020.We know that in Star Wars: The Old Republic that Darths are a dime-a-dozen. That doesn’t mean one doesn’t […]
  • Episode 103: I'm Sorry, Earth is Closed Today! April 5, 2020
    This week on the show Game Update 6.1.1 is on the PTS, it includes Master Mode Dxun, Changes to Conquest, and remember those Bonus Series missions? They’re back. Also this week, I’ll dive into some old news about SWTOR’s 8th-Anniversary, The Rise of Skywalker, Jedi Fallen Order, and the Mandalorian. Correction: At the end of this […]
  • Episode 102: Preparing for Onslaught! October 18, 2019
    This week on the show, Onslaught is practically here. I’ll talk about everything that’s coming. New story, no spoilers. A new Operation on Dxun. A new flashpoint on Corellia. New planets to explore. And a lot of little things to get excited about.Also this week, I have more Spoils of War for you. I’m talking […]
  • Episode 101: Getting Our Duxn's in a Row September 12, 2019
    This week, Marcus from the Working Class Nerds Podcast joins me to discuss the Spoils of War and our experience running the new Operation on Duxn.
  • Episode 100: Spoils of War! July 31, 2019
    Spoils of War was revealed back in May. And after hearing what Eric and Charles had to say - My inventory grew three sizes that day.When I’m not podcasting, which has happened too much lately, I’m playing the game we all love. I'll talk a little about my time running Veteran Mode Ops. And finally this […]