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We’re the podcast that gives you no information about your favorite information!¬†Marcus is a carpenter, Nick is a college student, and we’re both huge nerds!!! We discuss our love for all things nerd.

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  • Episode 84: It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like New Game Season! October 9, 2020
    Nick and Marcus look ahead to the games and nerdy media content that they're looking forward to coming out just before the end of 2020!
  • Episode 83: Console Wars 2!!! September 24, 2020
    Marcus and Nick chat with The University of Coruscant's own Dr. Ravencourt aka James, about the new Xbox Series and PS5 consoles coming out this fall!
  • Episode 82: Achievement Unlocked: Quarantine Complete! September 11, 2020
    Marcus and Nick have a LOT to say this episode! They talk about the new Black Ops Multiplayer reveal, the finale of The Clone Wars animated series, AND the new details about the Xbox Series X.
  • Episode 81: CLASSIFIED August 28, 2020
    Marcus and Nick sit down and just catch up! They talk streaming, about the games they're playing now, aaannd ones they're looking forward to (INCLUDING Call of Duty Black Ops: COLD WAR!)
  • Episode 80: We're Going Global with Aviriia! August 19, 2020
    The guys chat with Dutch Twitch Streamer and SWTOR Content Creator, Aviriia! They discuss the role playing community in SWTOR, what that means and how to get involved.  PLUS the guys also take you through their hectic lives since the last episode.You can find Aviriia at: