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We’re the podcast that gives you no information about your favorite information! Marcus is a carpenter, Nick is a college student, and we’re both huge nerds!!! We discuss our love for all things nerd.

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  • Episode 102: Who Broke my Game?!? April 16, 2021
    Marcus and Nick get the chance to chat with Jackie Cho!! Jackie is a game developer who currently works at Gearbox Software. Together they talk about the increasingly common phenomenon of games being broken or very buggy at launch. Enjoy!
  • Episode 101: Moxie's Mixer!!! April 9, 2021
    Marcus and Nick are joined by fellow SWTOR Twitch Streamer- Moxie!! They chat about the new details pertaining to Star Wars shows that dropped today, how Moxie started streaming, aaaannnddd all sorts of other spicy topics. You can find more of Moxie at:
  • Episode 100!!! March 26, 2021
    Marcus and Nick Celebrate ONE HUNDRED episodes of Working Class Nerds with great friends of the pod, Max and Sema from The SWTOR Escape Podcast! Together they chat about videogames, movies, the trials and tribulations of maintaining a podcast, AND listen to Voicemails from YOU!Find more of Max and Sema at: www.newoverlords.comAND more of Everyone […]
  • Episode 99: The Twins! March 12, 2021
    Marcus and Nick are joined by THE TWINS aka great friends of the pod, Joey Fetta and Al! Their topic of discussion is How Video Games have helped people get through the pandemic. The usual conversational shananagins ensues... Enjoy!Also, you can call in and leave us a voicemail for Episode 100 via Google Voice! The […]
  • Episode 98: The Greatstorm of The Nihil March 5, 2021
    Marcus and Nick with down with friend of the pod and fellow Twitch streamer/podcaster- Kitty! They break down the FULL SPOILERS version of the first installment of Star Wars content set in the High Republic era- The Light of the Jedi by Charles Soule.  Enjoy!You can find more of Kitty at: