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We’re the podcast that gives you no information about your favorite information! Marcus is a carpenter, Nick is a college student, and we’re both huge nerds!!! We discuss our love for all things nerd.

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  • Episode 137: The Siren Song of Serpentzn!!! January 21, 2022
    Marcus and Nick sit down with friend of the show Serpentzn!!! Serp is here once again to talk about his full transition and thriving community in Sea of Thieves!!! The three of them chat about Microsoft buying Activision, the new Destiny 2 Expansion, as well as Serp's new life as a Sea of Thieves partner!!!Find […]
  • Episode 136: The Bang Gang! January 14, 2022
    Marcus and Nick are joined by SM Playboi!!! Playboi is a Twitch streamer, giant Star Wars and Anime Nerd, and a great friend of both the show and their streams. The three of this have RIDICULOUS conversations about all of the games they're playing and of course SM Playboi's streaming career. Enjoy!You can find more […]
  • Episode 135: The Endwalker of Raiding January 7, 2022
    Nick took a sick day on the podcast. Well, Marcus had Dr. Gameology join him to discuss SWTOR, Final Fantasy 14, and Excitement for the Obi wan series coming to Disney plus. This was a fun show getting to chat with one of the shows favorite people! Dr. Gameology Twitch:
  • Episode 134: Spider-Man: No Way Home Review!!! December 30, 2021
    Marcus and Nick are joined by Stormin Norman, aka Nick's Dad aka Marcus's Uncle aka THE MEAT LEGEND!! Together they drink special holiday beers and review Spider-Man: No Way Home! The spoilers are flowing this episode and so are the beverages! Enjoy their breakdown of the movie!
  • Episode 133: The Christmas Bonus!!! December 22, 2021
    Marcus and Nick are LIVE on Twitch this episode and they're having beverages and exuding the Christmas Spirit! The two  of them swap gifts and chat about what their chaotic weeks have entailed. Enjoy!!Don't forget to check out Kymeri's Merch at: