The SWTOR Fan Community & the SWTOR Discord at Star Wars Celebration 2019!

What is the SWTOR Fan Community?

The SWTOR Fan Community is a partnership between some of the largest online SWTOR fan communities including the SWTOR discord (via the moderators), the SWTOR subreddit (via the moderators), #SWTORfamily on twitter (via @swtorfamily), on Facebook (via the SWTOR Players Club admins) and many SWTOR content creators. The idea is to bring the spirit of these online communities to the event and promote these goals,

  • To connect players with other players
  • To promote a non-toxic, friendly online environment
  • To share knowledge and guides about the game to help other players

Website and more info:

(Note: this group is a fan group and not related to Bioware or the official SWTOR Cantina Event.)

What will be at the booth of Star Wars Celebration 2019?

The SWTOR Fan Community has been officially accepted as an exhibitor at Star Wars Celebration 2019, and players will be able to find us in the fan table section of the show floor. There will always be at least one friendly SWTOR player available to answer questions from new or returning players, hang out with existing players, and of course hand out free stuff.
In addition, we hope to have these at the event as well:

  • Giveaways of ingame items (over 100,000 Cartel Coins worth of items, 1 Billion Credits, and more!)
  • Giveaways of game time codes and physical SWTOR items
  • Special guests / Bioware Employees
  • Photo booth – A cool Old Republic back drop to take photos with cool props like SWTOR holocrons (depends on the space we are given)
  • A booth beside the Cosplayers of the Old Republic group

If you want to attend the Chicago event but don’t have a ticket,

Ok but I won’t be in Chicago for the event. Why should I care?

While we’re hoping to bring the spirit of our favorite communities to the event in Chicago, we’re also hoping to bring the event to those of you who are unable to attend in person.

  • Giveaways: Yeah you guys get giveaways too. Keep watch on the four communities (the SWTOR discord, twitter #swtorfamily, reddit, facebook via the SWTOR Players’ Club and) closer to April 2019.
  • Livecam of the booth/event. We’re still working out the details, but you should be able to watch at least in part if you can’t attend in person! (Likely on Twitch)
  • Live talks/podcasts – along with the livestream we are hoping to be able to allow podcasts to cast live. Representatives from these podcasts will be at the event! Passionately Casual Podcast, The Council Podcast, Ootinicast Podcast, SOTOR Podcast, SWTOR Escape Podcast, and Working Class Nerds Podcast
  • Live photos – we are hoping to set up some automation so photos we take are uploaded straight to twitter #swtorfamily so you can follow along for the event even if you are not catching the livestream! Maybe this can be hooked up to Discord as well?

How can I be a part of this even if I’m not going to the event?


I would like to help new/returning players connect with active, friendly guilds when they swing by the booth if they are looking for others to play with. If you have a “great guild”, we would love to add it to the guild listings closer to April 2019. If you would like to have your guild featured, message me via Discord Swtorista#0153 or Twitter private message me a @swtorista to receive a notification closer to April 2019.

Test Group

If you’re interested in helping me test things or bouncing ideas, please join the SWTOR discord (if you’re here, you should have already joined it) and send me your discord name (the one with the numbers) at message me via Discord Swtorista#0153 or Twitter private message me a @swtorista and I’ll invite you to the Celebration planning channel.

Ingame Prizes

I have a metric sith-ton of digital stuff to giveaway – but I’ve had a ton of people ask if they can help and donate prizes. If you are a hoarder and have some prizes you want to donate to players on your server, you’re welcome to join in on the fun. You let me know how many prizes you have, I’ll give you a list of randomly selected winners to send them to. Message me message me via Discord Swtorista#0153 or Twitter private message me a @swtorista if you would like to be notified about being a prize-giver closer to April 2019.

Friendly Face

I am hoping that new players from the event will eventually make their way to one of the online communities based on their preference. If you want to help, keep your eye on the SWTOR Discord channels and lend your advice and expertise there or in new player/questions – or be welcoming towards new players in whatever online community you’re a part of.


Do you have a cool SWTOR prop or cosplay piece you’d like to have displayed OR that you would like to donate to be given away during the event? Let me know! We’re still unsure how much space we will have (waiting for organizers), but we’d love to give away any cool stuff you’ve made. Happy to promote your art page / art store if you do donate. Separately, If you have any skill working with ACRYLIC, hit me up please! I’m hoping to DIY some LED acrylic datacrons and I’d love any advice/feedback. Message me via Discord Swtorista#0153 or Twitter private message me a @swtorista

IRL lightsabers

If you have any cool metal/glass (not plastic toys) lightsabers you’d like to share with the booth so guests can take photos with them, please let me know! Message me via Discord Swtorista#0153 or Twitter private message me a @swtorista


Are you good enough at drawing and art that you do commissions and would like to contribute your skill? Message me via Discord Swtorista#0153 or Twitter private message me a @swtorista


I am hoping to cover a majority of the costs via dollareedoos earned via Patreon/Youtube – this includes a large oversized backdrop banner (perks of being a graphic designer), website ( ), electricity/equipment rentals, and around $250-$300 printing costs for entry/prize codes, $100-$150 prop making. Unfortunately, all that adds up real fast and I think that’s about the limit of what I can responsibly spend on this big project. If you’re interested in donating some of your own dollars to make something cool happen, message me via Discord Swtorista#0153 or Twitter private message me a @swtorista! Some potential extras include: giving away cool stuff like brand new lightsabers, custom made SWTOR fan pins or patches, drawstring backpacks, etc. Unfortunately “Swag” is comparatively expensive to make, so we’re also hoping Eric Musco can come through with some non-digital stuff to give away.