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December 13, 2021


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Guild description

**Aliit ori'shya tal'din!** **<Aliit Groxus>** invites you to explore the Mandalorian equation in our small, tight-knit, lore-faithful, table-top style RP campaign, set in a richly developed Mandalorian Clan and Community setting on the Star Forge server.

**Our Philosophy**

`Our motto is, “The community that thrives is the community that drives.” What this means is that evolution of your character, development of our campaign, and even advancement in leadership in our little group is entirely driven by our members. We make all our decisions together, and participation and contribution to our campaign is rewarded both in and out of character.`

**Our stories - Who we are**

Aliit Groxus muses, "When the fight is done and the battle is won, what else is there to being a Mandalorian? Like all Mando'ade, the Groxuses are warriors! We certainly write stories of conflict, defending our families, as we serve in our military - the Aliit High Command, and our intelligence - the Ebon Blast; But, our campaign explores numerous other themes in the course of cultivating our Aliit: Groxus members also write stories of Mando'ade who are builders, thinkers, wanderers, mystics and artists, delving into the richness of Mandalorian culture. We solve crimes, befriend animals, render humanitarian aid, study the universe, learn about the past, explore deep space, even create art, and so much more! Want more RP? Our community has a Sith Imperial campaign called **The Eventide Order**, a powerbase within the Sith Empire. And, we also have a Jedi/Republic campaign called **The Kosst Enclave**, a forgotten Jedi sanctuary on Tatooine. They're there for when we want to mix things up a bit!

**Your stories - Who we're looking for**

*Mando Enthusiasts* who think outside the box, see beyond the tropes and defy the stereotypes. Players who want a campaign where Mandalorians only take orders from Mandalorians! Where the law of the land is Mandalorian law! A campaign where Mandalorian RP is the main event, and not simply a sideshow!

*Members* with emotional intelligence, maturity, a sense of commitment, and the capacity to regard their vode with compassion and fellowship

*Leaders* with enthusiasm, patience, accountability, and the desire to commit to a bona fide leadership team where they are heard and appreciated!

Aliit Groxus endeavors to embody the sense of family that Mandalorian culture is famous for! We're small and intimate and while we like being that way, we welcome more ! Quality is definitely greater than quantity. So check the drama at the door, and please know that, *bigotry in any form is **not permitted!** All are welcome in our house!* :groxpride:

Curious? Reach out on Discord, or fill out our application to get started! Aliit Groxus also welcomes allies, Mando or otherwise! Join our Embassy in discord.

https://www.aliitgroxus.org/application (Click: *Join Website*)

Guild requirements

Must be 18+. North American primetime hours. Must be able to speak in Discord.

How to join

Visit the website and fill out the application at: https://www.aliitgroxus.org/application


While our focus is RP, we manage small or medium conquest targets each week.