The SWTOR Guild Finder

The SWTOR Guild Finder was created by the SWTOR Fan Community to help players we met at Star Wars Celebration find other people to play with. Since then, it’s grown a lot, and has become a tool we hope to share year-round.

The SWTOR Guild Finder Tool

What is the SWTOR Guild Finder Tool?

This tool helps players find SWTOR guilds that match their needs and interests, and allows guilds to share what they offer with players looking for a guild.

How can the Guild Finder help me find a guild?
You can use the filter buttons at the top of the page to find a guild. For example, if you already have a character on the Republic side on Star Forge, you can filter to only show pub guilds on your server.

If you are looking for a guild that enjoys doing the same things as you, you can use the activity filters. For example, you can search for roleplay guilds or pvp guilds. If you want a guild that does both Operations and PvP, you can select both of those filters one after the other.

The site will then list all the guilds that meet your criteria, and you can learn more about each one by clicking them. Each guild also lists how you can contact them if you want to learn more.

You can get started with any of these searches:

As a Guild Leader, how can the Guild Finder help me advertise my guild?

If your guild is not already listed, you can add your guild here: Guilds of all shapes and sizes are welcome. You can add your guild info, and come back and update it at any time. You can also allow your guild officers and volunteers to edit your listing once you have created it.

Why is this awesome?

  • Bioware wouldn’t build it so we did. This project is a huge collaboration by many players and volunteers!
  • It’s translated in Fran├žais / French and Deutsch / German
  • More active guilds are naturally moved towards the top – you can see the last updated date on listings. Guilds are invited to “bump” their guild daily so guilds where the guild leader is no longer playing are naturally filtered to the bottom.
  • The tools supports guilds that play on both factions.
  • There’s a ton of contact options for guilds. Discord, Reddit, Twitter, Email, Ingame, SWTOR forums.
  • Guild leaders can very easily update their listings as their guild grows or changes
  • We invited hundreds of guilds from reddit, the swtor forums, the swtor discord and unofficial forums and there is currently over 150 guilds that have created a listing
  • The listings are based on the way players list their guilds around the web. We’ve included lots of common fields like how to join or most active times, but also more uncommon ones like conquest history and about your flagship.
  • We have volunteer moderators who invite guilds, approve new listings, and monitor reports

What are the bars beside a guild listing on the search page?

It’s impossible to rate a guild’s quality without being a member of that guild and getting to know everyone in it, but a guild’s effort in to their listing on the Guild Finder can be quantified! Every guild has a chance to fill up their “rating” bar by fully completing their guild listing, as well as reaching a few guild accomplishments in-game.

If you are searching for a guild, these ratings will help you more easily identify how much work a guild has put in to their guild listing, including filing out fields like how to join, timezones, a detailed description and how to contact them.

If you are a guild leader or officer, you can increase your rating by filling out more of your guild listing form. When you are logged in to your guild, you will also see a list of suggestions about which fields you should improve to create a better listing, which will increase your rating.

Get Help

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Thank You

Thank you to all of the wonderful volunteers who worked on this project and gave feedback.

Guild Leaders

Thank you to the hundreds of guild leaders and officers who took the time to add their guild to the database!

Guild Ambassadors

Koraith / Pan
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Hibiya – French
Nimroder – German