Cosplayers of the Old Republic

The Cosplayers of the Old Republic group is made up of fans of the Old Republic era who create costumes based off of Knights of the Old Republic, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and the books and comics set in the Old Republic era.

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The photos below are of players in this club who will be attending Star Wars Celebration! If you are as well, visit their booth #1344.

A. Sawyer and A. Tom Rehn

A. Sawyer and A. Tom Rehn Costumes/Casa Mos-A (Textiles) and Civilized Galactic Gear (Armor) as Jedi These costumes will be on display at the Cosplayers of the Old Republic booth!

Jacob Degan Amnesiac Revan

Jacob Degan Amnesiac Revan (KotOR-style Jedi robes) Facebook:

Kiteera as Visas Marr

  Kiteera as Dread Master Brontes and Visas Marr Visas Marr photo taken by David Love Photography “I took my Visas Marr cosplay to Star Wars Celebration 2017 in Orlando, and I had a blast! On my website give notes on what I did! I don’t have photos for every part, so if you’re curious […]