SWTOR Discord Chat

Welcome to the official Discord server of the SWTOR subreddit (r/swtor). We are fans and players alike of the popular MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic. Here you can communicate with players from all around the world in a fun and unique place.

  • Who can join? All players who are interested in or play Star Wars: The Old Republic
  • How do you join? Visit https://discord.gg/swtor
  • Do you need to download anything? Nope!
  • Do you need an account? Yes, you will be able to create a Discord account, which you can use in this chat channel or any other Discord chat
  • How many people are a part of this chat channel? There is over 16,000 members, and approximately 1,000 players on at any given time
  • What type of channels are available? There are channels to chat about SWTOR, channels to share SWTOR media you have found or made, a channel to chat about spoilers, tech support, guild recruitment, trading, and a channel to meet and talk to other players on each server

How to Join

Come join us on the SWTOR Discord Server, a chat community focused on Star Wars: The Old Republic! This Discord chat server is so populated and organized that Discord has considered the “Official” Discord chat focused around Star Wars: The Old Republic.

  1. Visit discordapp.com/invite/swtor and choose a nickname and claim your account.
  2. Once you have claimed your account, you can start chatting with others on the server!


  • The easiest place to start chatting is the #cantina-general channel. To change channels, click on the channel names on the left on desktop.
  • To chat with other players on your server, go to the #member-req channel and follow the instructions there to be added to your server’s chat channels.
  • Want to discuss spoilers? Heads to the #swtor-spoilers channel!