Cosplayers of the Old Republic

The Cosplayers of the Old Republic Facebook group is made up of fans of the Old Republic era who create costumes based off of Knights of the Old Republic, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and the books and comics set in the Old Republic era.

  • Who can join? All players who cosplay in the Old republic era
  • How do you join? Join on Facebook
  • Do you need to download anything? Nope!
  • Do you need an account? Yes, you will need to create a Facebook account.
  • How many people are a part of this Facebook group? There is over 1,000 members in this group.
  • What type of content can you share and discuss? Progress pictures, photo shoots in costume, requests for help, guides and tutorials.

Welcome to the unofficial Old Republic cosplay group, bringing together cosplayers with a passion for both costuming and the Old Republic era (~4400-1000BBY) of Star Wars. Although the group’s focus is on the Great Galactic War/Cold War/Galactic War years (Star Wars: The Old Republic), those cosplaying the Mandalorian Wars/Jedi Civil War/Great Hyperspace War (Knights of the Old Republic) are welcome as well!

How to Join

  1. Create a Facebook account by visiting
  2. Visit the SWTOR Player’s Group page at and click the blue “Join Group” button to join
  3. Answer the questions after clicking join and wait to be accepted!


  • You may need to wait to have your account approved to prevent spam. Just hold tight and make sure to answer the questions.
  • Players in this group enjoy sharing photos of their cosplay
  • Want to see the newest posts? Click the dropdown that says “Recent Activity” and choose “New Posts” instead

We did it! OVER 1,000 MEMBERS! Thank you all for joining and contributing to make this group the awesome, welcoming, and constructive place we always hoped it would be. Thank you for the cosplay photos, the builds, the props, and always having that passion at meetups and photoshoots. We look forward to growing even more!