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October 22, 2021


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[Darth Malgus] [Empire] <Blurrg Troopers> Rp guild focused around being a remnant of the Triumvirate in the making.
And Hey there! I am looking for new members for a newly formed rp focused guild. The setting is basicly that we are a remnant of the triumvirate and are, while known to the empire, not bound to the empires orders, as long as we dont interfere with their buisness. The plan is to have members of all classes present as the triumvirate took basicly everybody who was against the republic under their wings at that time. The "clan-armour" can be anything you want as long as it has the typical "dark side" flair to it (however the kartel basaar has the oppulent triumvirate armour and a primary black module for only 4 cartel certificates together which would fit the theme pretty nicely as an elite trooper). Basicly you can be everything you want as long as oyu understand the hirachy (starting once we reach about 20 members) (for example you cant be stronger then the "leader", max on par strentgh wise).

What we offer:
- Opportunity to get the desired role (be it a fearsome mandalorian, wanting to avenge his fallen brothers or a fallen padawan
- No bs rank system (noone will have full controll over you as in milsim rp guilds, you can for example start as a full fallen jedi (unlike other clans where you have to start as a alkolythe or padawan) and have many options there up to a certain point)
- A nicely decorated (sadly not fully unlocked) ship as main base of operations featuring:
Meditation area with a small sparring area (rp sparring)
Starship bridge with secluded area for navigator/captain
Chamber of the "leader" or rather council
A large community area perfect for rp
Small armory with soldier costume station.
Standart services on the ship like gtn, storages, ect.
Military area, including mandalorian, a mission table and more
10% xp boost
No NEED to be on at set times. We strive to be the platform for oyur rp, not the one telling you how and when to do it. (although we would like you to follow the rules)

What we plan in the future:
Discord server (as soon as we get 10 or more members)
Making the flagship bigger
Finishing the furnishments
Selecting leaders
Making a propper lore
Changing the name to something a bit more "immersive"

What you should bring:
Fun at rp and things that come with it
A nice costume fitting your background
A plausible backgroud story
A set role in your mind (bounty hunter, sith, fallen jedi, ect)
Ability to write english
Ability to follow basic rules (no metagaming, being nice to your coplayers ect. in general being reasonable)

Does that sound like soemthing you would like to be a part of? Then shoot me a pm and i will gladly answer any questions you might have. Until then, may the force be with you!

Guild requirements

Like to rp and be nice