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Fae / Faerie SpiceWe're a small and growing LGBT friendly guild for female characters.


Star Forge




Republic & Imperial

Last Updated

May 15, 2022


PST,MST,CST / /Most active time We are most active from 4PM ~ 10PM Pacific Time


Flashpoints Conquest Social/hanging out Leveling Crafting Datacron Hunting Dailies Heroics

Active Members

8+, 3 during prime time

Guild level

87 Republic / 37 Imperial

Guild description

We offer story-line support, daily Heroics, Flashpoints as announced, planetary invasions from our fleet star-ships and a small but well appointed guild stronghold. We welcome and support "free to play" players.

Guild requirements

1: You must be over the age of 18 to join Fae
2: Fae is progressive-minded guild of female characters, your character must be female
3: We are a casual play guild and support all ability levels and most play-styles.
4: Fae is a safe space for LGBT players, disrespectful chat or harassing behavior will not be tolerated.
5: Treat your sisters well, Fae are family.
6: Detailed guidelines can be found on the Fae Discord.

How to join

To join Fae:
1. You can send a message to Fleudermaus#5577 on Discord
2. You can email Fleudermaus@gmail.com
3. You can use the /who Fae (for Republic) or /who Faerie Spice (Imperial) to find a sister who can help you out.


We run Heroics and Flashpoints to fill the minor conquests weekly as we build both of our guild flagships.
Flagship: Serenity4/15 Rooms unlocked
We are actively working on expanding our Republic Flagship! The Guild bonuses are maxed for XP (+15% General XP and Reputation). We currently have all banking and crafting tools available and are working on a dance lounge.
Flagship: Maleficient1/15 Rooms unlocked
Our Imperial Flagship has all banking tools available, and we are working on expanding the available amenities. Guild bonuses are nearly maxed for XP (14.65% General XP and Reputation)