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Grand House Imperium
Here for a fun time! Maybe for longer!


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December 8, 2020


EST / Most active time 4PM EST to 11 PM EST


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8+, 6 during prime time

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Guild Calendar

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We're just a RP guild that welcomes anyone, getting away from the typical EMPIRE guilds

Guild Description/Lore: With the coming of the new age upon them, House Imperium has lost its previous House Head in the trifling war. The new Head, Azriieal, has taken over as the new Head Of House, making changes and aligning more with the Empire since his return from the Sith Academy. His time as a Darth has shown him many doors that he could easily access at any time to better his House’s position, and he’s done so accordingly. He prepares himself for what may come in the future knowing that nothing is set and stone. After meeting with Acina herself, he has been granted immunity and a military force of his own to command, along with necessities that one would need to run a house.

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Contact a representative in game or contact me through discord at Asreal#2537


We Do Participate In conquests! Usually Small Ones For Now Since We're Starting Out!