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Jedi Custodum
A (generally) orthodox, Jedi-themed RP guild. Non-Jedi and RPers new and old welcome!


Satele Shan





Last Updated

February 1, 2021


PST,EST / Most active time 5:00 - 9:00 PM PST


  • PvP
  • Roleplay
  • Social/hanging out
  • Leveling
  • Galactic Starfighter

Active Members

5-10+, 2-5 during prime time

Guild Description

The Jedi Custodum is an enclave of the Jedi Order formed by the High Council to protect and preserve the fundamental tenets of the Jedi Order. Its core mission is to provide a unified organisation of the best and brightest of the Jedi in order to further the goals of the Jedi Order itself and, by extension, the Republic.

Jedi Custodum is a heavy RP guild founded for the express purpose of facilitating Jedi RP. It is intended to act as a "home base" for Jedi characters, be they Guardian, Sentinel, Sage, or Shadow, as well as a platform for organising Jedi-related events and activities. As card-carrying members of the Jedi Order, Custodum (the word is plural!) are expected to be representative of the interests and behaviours of iconic Jedi Knights. Although opinions on the Jedi Code and the Jedi Council vary greatly, the Jedi Custodum generally uphold the values of the Code and the authority of the Council, and ultimately answer to the Grandmaster of the Order.

Please be aware that characters dabbling in the Dark Side of the Force or romantic relationships are not in keeping with the guild's theme, and are generally not permitted outside of very particular RP circumstances. There is nothing wrong with RP involving either of the above, but being an IC member of Custodum generally means the character is a paragon of the Jedi Way or in the process of striving to be (as mistakes and failures do happen!). Custodum is happy to be involved in on-going RP relating to the above types of characters, but such characters are generally not members of Custodum themselves.

This guild is welcoming to all individuals and works to make it a safe space for BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and other minorities.

Guild Requirements

An interest in exploring Jedi-related themes.

How to Join

If you have a character who you think would be a good fit, please contact Dassalya either in-game (feel welcome to send mail!), Discord, or via the private message system of the listed website. Note that we have two states of membership: IC and OOC. OOC, any character is free to join as an OOC member of the guild, even if they have no IC connection to the Jedi Custodum. Most members, however, will probably be IC: Jedi Knights of various stripes and colours who hold rank within the Jedi Order. IC ranks are given after a short interview.

Due to the inability to discern an OOC rank from an IC rank when viewing a character simply by the guild tag under their name, we strongly prefer that all Jedi characters be IC members. This is less of a concern in characters that are obvious not Jedi (e.g. troopers, security personnel, and other non-Force sensitive affiliates).


Our guild participates in weekly conquest on small yields. We are currently working to fully unlock and decorate our guild flagship.

Flagship: The Custodian's Watch

The Custodian's Watch, or "The Watch", is a valor-class, Republic cruiser granted to the Jedi Custodum as a mobile base of operations. Although it is now somewhat aged and has had several retrofits, the Watch is still a powerful ship able to hold its own in a variety of circumstances. After being lost for several years in Wild Space during the Zakuul conquest, the Watch is now outfitted with almost everything a Jedi could need, including areas for meditation, hydroponics, training, study, archaeological and artifact storage.