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February 29, 2020


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15+, 3-5 during prime time

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Guild description

Hello everyone. I am Voldarius Telmac, Commander of the guild.

Our goal as a guild is to work together, grow together, and have many fun experiences that lead to amazing memories. We are open to any roles and classes on the Republic side of the game. Some of the things that we will be doing as a guild is doing daily heroics, daily missions, operations, and flashpoints and heavy roleplay. If people are interested enough in it we might also start doing PVP, like warzones or starfighter.

We do have a Rishi stronghold that is fully equipped and also a guild flagship we are working on building up.

Voldarius Telmac

Guild requirements

The only requirements that we currently have are that you have to be on at least once or twice a week, be respectful, and friendly towards others and complete an interview with me or any of my officers in discord.

How to join

Message me either on the forums or on discord and I will ask you three questions pertaining to joining the guild based on activity, where you will see yourself in the guild, and your experience with roleplay. -Voldarius Telmac
Flagship: Magnanimus6/15 Rooms unlocked