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Knights of the RepublicWe are a Jedi/Military/Mercenary RPing Guild looking for active members


Star Forge





Last Updated

September 1, 2021


MST,CST,EST / /Most active time 8PM-2AM EST


Roleplay Social/hanging out

Active Members

20+, Between 5-11 usually during prime time

Guild description

While the name <Knights of the Republic> may imply we're a Jedi-oriented guild, this is not the case! We have many members who are soldiers, mandalorians, smugglers, SIS agents, and more! With freedom to create your own events, stories, and develop your character as you see fit; the options are endless!

We also offer a fully unlocked and decorated Alderaan Guild Stronghold, as well as a flagship

Guild requirements

We accept new and experienced roleplayers alike! We have a friendly, easygoing community with lots of humor. Because this humor can be on the adult side, we prefer 18+ members, but will accept players 14+

Though it's not required, it's highly recommended that you join our discord server to be updated on event dates/times, and to get the best experience possible. Voice chat is not required.

How to join

You can either message me on discord, apply on our website, or message me in game.