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Obsidian OrderLong live House Sondama! Long live the Empire!


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February 4, 2021


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10+, 3-7 during prime time

Guild description

House Sondama is one of the smaller noble houses of Alderaan. Led by Lord Qultronma Sondama the house joined the Empire and committed it's resources to helping the Empire in it's military endeavours.


The Sondama family got it's wealth from processing blue crystals which deposits were found by Lord Qultronma's grandfather also named Qultronma. After creating a larger army, he secured the whole mountain range of Ux and destroyed the Killik mountain population.

As time went by, House Sondama grew more powerful and influential.
To solidify their power and gain the Empires eye the Sandamas allied themselves with the Thuls. As both houses were to proud to let the other lead the alliance, a short war broke between the two noble houses. In the end no one won, but the Sondamas paid a heavy price as Qultronma's grandfather got fatally wounded and died from his injuries.

The torch was passed to Lord Qultronma, now a fierce Sith warrior at the age of 25. He continued the path his grandfather laid out, fortifying the Sondama estate and modernising their forces, advocating the Empire's interests among the Alderaanian noble houses.


Now allied with the Empire, House Sondama used it's wealth to build a fleet, and Lord Qultronma appointed Zi'gon, his academy friend as his admiral and first in command.

With the help of Colonel Luminatee the Imperial liaison to House Sondama, the Obsidian Order enters the war with it's flagship The Harbinger of Erebus.

Guild requirements

We ask every new member to respect the story we made thus far, then we can build on it together to further it more.

We use discord as a hub to socialize and arrange guild events, post our character sheets, and we post our RP sessions so everyone can stay in the loop.

We do have a dress code for those that Join House Sondama (IC) or the Obsidian Order forces (IC).

How to join

Contact Qultronma, Lenèa, Maladrax Voxx or Jholahi (Jholahi if you are a Mandalorian) in game and we'll help you get set up :)


Our guild participates in conquest (small yield, as we are gathering flagship plans to expand our flagship)
Flagship: Harbinger of Erebus