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Order of the Jedi / Order of the SíthCasual players enjoying and exploring SWTOR.


Star Forge




Republic & Imperial

Last Updated

March 19, 2021


EST / /Most active time 9-12pm


Operations Flashpoints Social/hanging out Datacron Hunting World Bosses Dailies Heroics Achievements

Active Members

130+, 2-3, up to 6 pubside during prime time

Guild level

173 Republic / 1 Imperial

Operations Groups


Guild description

I was the last active member of Order of the Jedi when the main guild I was a part of was sold and membership wiped. Several members of that guild joined me to build up OOTJ, which only had a Rishi SH with one deco in it. Now, pubside, we have all perks firing on our flagship and a stable membership. The Impside guild, Order of the Síth, is a new addition. Note the accent over the "i" in Síth.

Guild requirements

No requirements. All levels and classes welcome.

How to join

Search for us using the Who feature in the game, find me on Discord (address above), or e-mail me at the address given.


Medium yield currently, though we cycle between medium and large yield.
Flagship: Chu'unthor11/15 Rooms unlocked
A good place to relax. Couple of jukeboxes and ambient noise options can give it a fleet feel.