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Republic Canadian Air Farce / Imperial Canadian Air FarceMay the Farce be With You


Darth Malgus




Republic & Imperial

Last Updated

July 27, 2020


EST / /Most active time 9am Est to 5pm Est


Operations Flashpoints Conquest Roleplay Social/hanging out Leveling Crafting World Bosses Dailies Heroics Achievements

Active Members

10+, 15 during prime time

Operations Groups

Story Veteran

Guild description

We are the Canadian invasion of the Darth Malgus server. Ready to help where needed. As we are a newer guild, we are actively growing and welcoming new players as well as you crazy veterans and founders.

Guild requirements

We ask that in keeping with our guild name, all members be primarily Canadian. We do however accept english speaking players from the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

How to join

Contact Celican on Republic side by in-game mail or DM.
Contact Shere'khan on Empire side by in-game mail or DM.
Contact us via our guild email at canadianairfarce@gmail.com