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Republic Honor Guard / Imperial Conquest LegionGuild focused on raiding


Star Forge


Republic & Imperial

Last Updated

July 25, 2019


EST / /Most active time 5pm-12am


Operations PvP Ranked PvP Flashpoints Conquest Crafting Dailies

Active Members

45+, 24 during prime time

Guild level

56 Republic / 6 Imperial

Operations Groups

Story Veteran Master

Guild description

We have been around since launch and we were originally on "Ebon Hawk" server. Even though we have had guildies leave the game over the years we have always succeeded in clearing HM / Veteran Ops. We have tried and continue to try to pull NIM / Master and sometimes we succeed and continue to pull it and sometimes we move onto other OPs we want to work on, some that are HM / Veteran and some that are NIM / Master. We have players that have mastered almost every class in the game. They are willing to teach you how to play it and help you get better at it, but it also takes practice on your part too. We will help you with practice, either through Ops, FPs, or even sometimes dummies. We also help teach mechanics in ops, so if you are learning and need help, we will help you out. We try not to leave anyone behind, but as with learning your class and spec, it takes time and practice on your part too. We will do our best to make you the best player in whatever class you want to play, if you are not already Ops ready, but you have to practice it and master it yourself too.

We are a friendly guild that takes part in all kinds of PvE, but we are a "Raiding" guild. That is where we focus most of our attention at. We have 4 raid teams that raid on different days and times. We are always looking to expand to more teams and fill our current raid teams. We have been pushing Large Yields for Conquest and have made the guild conquest goal consistently each week. We do have members that take part in PvP and some of them do Ranked PvP. We usually group up when we do unranked PvP and we can hold our own, decently well. We have a couple of members that do play GSF a good amount, but its not something people are not big into, but something we would like to expand into.

Lastly, we do guild events every week, sometimes they are guild WB hunts, or Entity Runs, or other events we do in game. We ask everyone to come take part and join. Some of these events we even give out credits on if you take part.

We have a lot of fun and a long lasting friendships in the guild. We joke, we have fun, we game, we even sometimes kill each other...lol. But its always a good time in the guild, come join us.

Website: Republic Honor Guard
Voice program: Teamspeak 3

Paboe (Guild Leader)
Mygross/Valkoge (Guild Recruitment Officer)

Guild requirements

Application required

How to join

To join you need to register on our website and submit an application on our website. You can also contact me in game for any questions. www.swtorrhg.com We hope to see you and have you in the guild.

Additional characters to contact: Paboe - Sage Healer, Klue - Guardian Tank, Kariana - Shadow Tank, Kleu - Vanguard Tank, Leuk - Commando Gunnery, Jintoss - Gunslinger Sharpshooter


RHG consistently does large yield planets and reaches guild conquest goals
Flagship: Hammer of Coruscant15/15 Rooms unlocked