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Romanus ImperiumCasual guild that tries to provide everything the game has to offer.


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August 1, 2022


PST,MST,CST,EST / /Most active time 6pm EST - 2am EST


Operations PvP Flashpoints Conquest Roleplay Social/hanging out Leveling Dailies Heroics

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20+, 8 during prime time

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Guild calendar

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Guild rules

Guild description

We're a growing guild with a theme after the Roman Empire, this structure is made with the idea of organizing guild members in an efficient and fun way.

We are hoping to offer you the chance at any type of content in the game you'd like to do. We have appointed different officers to specific roles to help with this process such as Operations, PVP, RP, and general PVE.
We have specific systems we're building up and implementing to make grouping with other guild members and communicating with each other as easy as possible, we have build out a Cohort system to aide in this process.

Cohorts are teams assigned by and built by the guild members that are comprised of 4 members. Their goal is to give you the choice to focus on your favorite type of content with a dedicated or like minded group. So if you like queueing for flash points or want to learn more about those for example you can join a cohort or make a cohort dedicated to that type of content. Cohort leaders are given the responsibility to guide their cohorts down the desired path they're trying to reach. This may entail teaching other members how to play their class or intended role within the cohort or educating them more on the type of content their doing. For example like above, lets say you'd like to do flashpoints, your cohort leader will take a role in teaching you more about them and helping you understand them better so you can perform your best at them!

The idea with cohorts is to increase member engagement and retention not to put the responsibility of the guild on the members or take it off of the officers. Officers will still be leading the guild and helping run things and assist members on a day to day basis, these cohorts are simply to give you a put together group of like minded guild members. To aide in these cohorts we as officers each lead our own separately to help members learn more about the game and guild alike!

The cohorts are just one example of the systems and types of activities we offer as a guild, if you're interested in more please feel free to each out to us in game, over discord, or join up and ask away!

We also have officer positions open, if you're interested in taking a bigger part in the guild please reach out to Vance or Qrowe upon joining.

Guild requirements

Join our discord and ask for help when needed and be nice to your other guild members!

How to join


Guild Discord link above^
Simply join here and mention you were sent via the guild finder and we'll get you situated


Simply reach out to one of our officers in game, Our GM Vançe, our expansion officer Qrówe, our Operations officer Atracoeus, and our PVE officer Zildj'ian.

Hey there! Word from our Expansion officer here, you can message or send me a mail to any of my characters in guild, my main officer toon Qrówe, my alts, Alidan Jendri, Rasande Flammor, and lastly Catherine Shae. Discord is Jendri#2142


Our guild regularly invades large yield planets and we're hoping with more members we'll start seeing our name on the leader boards!
Flagship: Sol-Invictus7/15 Rooms unlocked
Our flagship operates as our center for communication and coordination as a guild in and out of character for RP and Conquesting purposes.