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May 8, 2022


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Roleplay Social/hanging out

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15++, 5~ during prime time

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Guild rules

Guild rules

Guild description

Shadow Revenant is an adults-only guild for those who want to experience traditionalist Sith RP. While our focus is on heavy RP, we are a casual environment and welcome those who just want to hang out, chat, use our Discord, etc.

We have several different RP styles: our Honor Guard/Vanguard RP offers a unique perspective on the Sith, while our core Sith RP also provides an Academy-lite option for those new to Sith RP. If you're looking for a guild that offers dark themes and conquest oriented Sith RP, check us out. If you're interested, please join our discord server then fill out our application form. We look forward to hearing from you!

Our focus is on the new player experience and integrating players into our story. We like to have those new to us hit the ground running. With one very distinct and one very broad path as Sith, the options are nearly endless for those seeking to explore their own style or specialty. We want to provide a unique and a broad Sith branch while leaving room for growth organically based on RP. We also want to allow for Imperials who want an environment where they can have a close working relationship with their Sith patrons. Our goal is for these branches to bring the guild to life while providing a place for Social RP for Powerbase Sith, Imperial Officials, Civilians, and Slaves. Shadow Revenant is not seeking fast growth into a large guild, rather we want to focus on the stories of our active players and ensure our support is there for them.

Warning: Shadow Revenant is 18+ for a reason. Adult oriented themes and mature content happens. We will not, nor ever allow anyone below the age of 18 in the guild. NSFW material, and mature content happens in guild RP which adds a layer of realism and story that could not otherwise be told.

This is a warning to those that apply: we are NOT SAFE FOR WORK, we are NOT easy to cope with. We fully support relationship RP and understand that adult themes may occur between consenting player characters. Things such as slavery, xenophobia, genocide, and other extreme content that is lore supporting happens and is Roleplayed and written into our stories.

Sith Branch: Serve directly as a powerbase Sith. A Sith who serves the Dominion serves the Arbiter, Darth Kiritsa, as she leads the Dominion. Most currently fall into this branch under the leadership of Darth Ignis.

New to Sith RP?: Aspiring Sith start with humble beginning in the Academy of Ashas Ree. Hone yourself as an Acolyte through Overseer-led and self-directed study, build up to an apprenticeship, and impress your future Master.

Shadow Guard (Honor Guard/Inquisition/Assassin/Vanguard): Serve in the Arbiter's legion of Sith who she wields on the Overlords behalf. Every Guardsman is answerable only to her and the officers of the Shadow Guard. They work as an elite unit of Sith, whose experience and abilities are second only to their loyalty. They are the best the Dominion has to offer in every respect.

Imperial/Civilian/Slave/Servant: A cadre of uniformed Imperials is always needed in the Dominion.


GM: Kiritsa
Deputy GM: Elise Akire/Elise VanIsle
Leadership: Oi'zys/Luna, Ignis/Vietren Gwaine, Rylasari/Zhopek

Guild requirements

18+ Adult

How to join

Join our Discord server, introduce yourself, and then fill out your application
Flagship: Ascendant Justice15/15 Rooms unlocked