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The Spheres Of DreadSpheres Of Dread is a wonderful and friendly medium RP guild for anyone looking for fun


Darth Malgus



Last Updated

June 8, 2019


GMT / /Most active time 4PM-9PM


Roleplay Social/hanging out

Active Members

20+, 15 during prime time

Guild level


Guild description

The Spheres Of Dread. Are you a returning player? Do you miss something in this game but dont know what? Do you want to learn something new? Then our RP guild, The Spheres Of Dread might just be for you, no matter how new to RP you are. There is always something new to learn and experience aswell as make new friends that you can play laugh and have fun with.

Guild requirements

After joining the guild you have to join the guild discord.

How to join

The guild has many friendly and wonderful officers that are active almost everyday so finding atleast one of the officers below who is online and ready to invite you will not be a problem. Names of the officers in the guild that you can /w ingame. Val'trath, Nexxum, Alsaar, Fera'vorr, Nevrosis, Thenamless, Ravnalon, Caro Emerald, Veinity Povargus, Volur Rell, Ziviarza, Baalô´s, Felyniira, Born Heretic, Karnage, Original Hybrid and Fnave.


We participate in conquest as we see fit and when our guild members are most active under a certain period.
Flagship: The Dread Shadow15/15 Rooms unlocked
A beautifully decorated flagship with all areas and rooms fully unlocked aswell as living quarters and a training room for RP reasons only to mention a few.