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The Sunfire League / Starshadow CoalitionWe're a guild for new and returning players that want to contribute to building something.


Satele Shan




Republic & Imperial

Last Updated

August 9, 2020


PST / /Most active time 6pm-10pm PST, more on weekends


Flashpoints Social/hanging out Leveling Datacron Hunting

Active Members

10+, 1-5 during prime time

Guild level

3 Republic / 8 Imperial

Operations Groups


Guild description

Our focus is on new/returning players who enjoy seeing the content and stories in the game and who would like to do the flashpoints and operations together from time to time.

We don't care about playing your class perfectly or how often you log in. We're not going to be that kind of guild. Attitude is more important than stats, and we all have lives outside of this game.

We want to meet cool people and make new friends. But we're not planning on becoming huge. We'd rather have a small group of people that all like to play together than be one of those guilds with hundreds of members.

Guild requirements

We're looking for story- or exploration-focused players. We don't plan on ever being big and competitive. Realistically, we only want to be able to support each other in occasional flashpoint or operation runs and focus on having fun together building a stronghold, a flagship, and playing the game.

So our requirements are pretty simple right now:
1) Don't be a jerk
2) Be an adult

How to join

Joining is a fairly straightforward process right now.
- Talk to Nephele to make sure that we're the right fit for you.


We try to set realistic goals each week for conquests, depending on how active everyone was the week before. CQ is not really our focus, so there's never a requirement, but the rewards are nice when we can get them.
Flagship: Not yet named1/15 Rooms unlocked
Our republic flagship is fresh out of the shipyard and still very much under construction!
Flagship: The Penumbra1/15 Rooms unlocked
Our imperial flagship currently features a bank area and a gathering area. We're working to unlock additional decks!