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Symphony of BladesVoted best party guild in the galaxy by PlayHutt magazine!


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December 8, 2019


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30+, 10 during prime time

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Story Veteran Master

Guild description

Symphony of Blades has been around in some form or another since 2004 on the Lightninghoof server in WoW. Since then we have sown our oats all over the MMO world and we made the jump to hyperspace when SWTOR launched.

Our top priority is to provide a fun, friendly atmosphere in which folks can enjoy all the content an MMO offers. Our top activities are Operations and Warzones wherein we strive to rise to the highest levels...all without taking ourselves TOOOOO seriously.

Really all of that is just the vehicle by which we stir up as much good-natured server drama with our rivals and friends alike!

We offer a "people over pixels" mentality, and aim to build a community of friends that is competent, but doesn't take ourselves too seriously.

Guild requirements

- Be friendly. We like to socialize.
- Have a sense of humor. We like to joke around.
- Be present. Rule #1 is that real life comes first, but we want new friends, not just names on a screen.
- Play as much as you are able.
- Always give your best. You don't have to BE the best, but we appreciate when folks put forth the effor to be better tomorrow than they were today.

How to join

You can apply on our website, or just message Vaaro or Chelsay in game or Archellion#1220 on Discord.
Flagship: Liberator
Still under construction, but a few buffs available and we do Conquest every week.