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Systems CommonwealthWe do it all, PvE/PvP/Rp. 2 Raid teams looking for members and nightly guild events


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June 4, 2019


EST / /Most active time 5PM - 2AM


Operations PvP Flashpoints Conquest Roleplay Social/hanging out Levelling Datacron Hunting World Bosses Dailies Heroics

Active Members

350+, 25 during prime time

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Story Veteran

Guild calendar

Guild calendar

Guild description

Systems CommonWealth is an virtual online gaming community. We do not exist for any one specific game. We are a community of adult, mature, veteran gamers. We seek to make Systems CommonWealth community the strongest, most well known, and most successful gaming community in the history of online gaming. We are dedicated to a friendly, team focused, fun-loving gaming environment where every member is important and not just a number on a roster. We seek to foster long term friendships among members and enhance the online gaming experience by virtue of those friendships.

We are a 15 year old community moving over from other games like SWTOR, Eve, World Of Warcraft, Black Desert Online, and many others. In our prime, we composed of about 500 unique members, the core members of Systems CommonWealth regrouped and started a new expansion within our Community! Our goal is to provide a friendly and fun environment to our members. We have a Discord server for community and coordination. Currently our guild is focused on PVE (Raids/OPS), PVP and recently Roleplaying. The System Commonwealth while expanding into multiple games is currently focused on Star Wars The Old Republic (SWTOR), and will be expanding on our guild story within the coming weekends. We raid on Tuesday (7:30pm est) and Wednesday (8:30pm est). The Systems Commonwealth also runs several events during the week, we hope you can come and join us.

Guild requirements

18+ Be active! Discord(mic not required)!


Being serious comes with expectations of our members. Whether or not you meet these expectations will allow us to see if Systems CommonWealth is the right guild for you. These are some of, and the rather simple, but they all drive everyone to better themselves and other members of the guild.

• Participate in Guild Events
• Be active in-game and in the guild
• Attend guild meetings
• Having a Discord (Mandatory).

How to join

Feel Free to contact any of the listed officers in game and/or the guild master for more information! You can also contact us on discord by sending us a message directly, that contact information is listed


Our guild participates in conquest weekly for small/medium yields
Flagship: Andromeda Ascendant 15/15 Rooms unlocked
Flagship is fully decorated with all fleet amenities. actively used in RP scenarios