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Tales from the Outer RimJoin Task Force Nova in restoring the Jedi Order! Jedi, civilians, and military welcome!


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July 15, 2021


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15+, 10-15+ during prime time

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Guild rules

Guild rules

Guild description

In the wake of the war with the Eternal Empire, the Jedi Order has all but fallen into ruin. With the events of the Battle of Ossus kick-starting the Third Galactic War with the dreaded Sith Empire, interim-Supreme Chancellor Galena Rans has authorized the creation of Task Force Nova, a joint military, Jedi, and civilian project with the exclusive goal of reorganizing and rebuilding the Jedi Order.

On the distant and beautiful Outer Rim planet of Satis, a Task Force Nova group resides at Fort Kudmos, an abandoned, rundown palace of a long-forgotten king. Forces gather under the command of General Aikaella Rellax, a Jedi Knight with the heart and soul of Task Force Nova at her fingertips. Together, the Satis Division works constantly to achieve their goal of the reunification of the Jedi Order.

Guild requirements

Basic understanding of the lore surrounding this time period
Ability to separate out-of-character and in-character
Understanding that actions have consequences
Be semi-active

How to join

There is a quick application process on our website! Please, take the time to look over the first page detailing exactly what we're looking for. Then, on the next page, there's an application form that shouldn't take all that long to fill out.



Tales from the Outer Rim is now preparing to move on up to medium conquest goals weekly; thank you to everyone who has helped us thus far!
Flagship: Mon Ilios15/15 Rooms unlocked
A Mon Calamari MC-7 Star Cruiser, the Mon Ilios was awarded by the Dac Defense Force to the Satis Division after their assistance in clearing the Perlemian Trade of pirates and looters.